Antenatal & Post Natal Care

Antenatal & Post Natal Care is a vital part of a healthy gestation. Whether or not you decide on a family medical man, accountant, nurse, or cluster Natal care, here’s what to expect throughout the primary few appointments.
The 1st visit : As presently as you think that you are pregnant, schedule your initial & Post-Natal Care appointment. put aside time for the primary visit to travel over your case history and cite any risk factors for gestation issues.

Your health care supplier may raise about:

Cycle, medical specialty history, and any past pregnancies personal and family case history Exposure to doubtless toxic substances Medication use, as well as prescription and over-the-counter medications or supplements lifestyle, as well as your use of tobacco, alcohol, and caffeine Travel to areas wherever protozoal infection, TB, the Zika virus or alternative infectious diseases square measure common Share info regarding sensitive problems, like domestic abuse, abortion, or past drug use, too. This may facilitate your health care supplier to take the simplest care of you — and your baby.

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